Not all that sure what should go here but I'll dump some info anyways.

I reside in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, the hidden Jem…well now that I have said it publicly, no I wasn’t born here? Having lived in BC, AB, Man, Ont and NB, Nova Scotia is by far the place to be. What was the worst of the lot, well that’s easy, Alberta, I’m not in to dictators. However the annual bribes were nice…nothing like getting ones own money back to subsides the corporations, what ever. Just one more note I have been in every part of Canada for the exception of Newfoundland, and that will change soon I hope. World traveling, I have been to most of Europe, South East Asia, Middle East, Africa and of course North America. Yep Alberta’s still on the bottom of the list:)

As for my interest in CG that goes quite a ways back but having no knowledge of what was possible or with what to use didn't help. Having just finished up 21 years in the Canadian Military I am now moving towards learning everything possible in regards to CG. Adobe has really peaked my interest there for I was fortunate enough to get formal training in some of the products. Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere and played with Indesign. However Quark covered that area nicely and I continue to maintain productive in it. Having taken training with Swift3D I have decided to go the next level and am presently doing a year long course within 3DS Max. It definitely has proven to be a great challenge having never worked with anything like it.

Web Design is not an area that I like but can been persuaded to do. Having done this site, Healing Words of Wisdom and Common Scents Body Care. Using Dreamweaver more as a visual guide and TopStyle for my CSS, awesome program. One day I will really pay attention to my html code but for now it’s the visual result that I watch, I know there is lots of room for improvement….there always is. Adobe Illustrator has become an addiction, I at some point have my nose in it working with my favorite tool, G Mesh. Far as I’m concerned I have a long ways to go with it and may never get to the point where I will be happy. However till then it’s so darn relaxing and I always seem to discover new things in it. No I don’t work for Adobe.

My employment in the military I worked in communications (MOC211/15), for 7 years as network admin among other aspects of IT, Banyan Vines and MS. I managed to complete 5 six month tours over seas (Bosnia, Cyprus x 3, Cambodia) and have always considered it an honor to represent the country I love. Why did I release, well let’s say the body failed me and I wasn’t able to continue, other words I would have been in till I was a rip old age.

Everything on this site was created simply out of the love for the program and what I am learning with it. The sources that I use are images, those that somehow catch my eye and no just because a “hot chick” is the subject. I look on wallpaper sites and newsgroups. Of course there are those that I have used from pay sites but only because of the fantastic photography and of course the subject matter helps. I want to make it clear that I in no way am willing to make any sort of profit with those that I have created form photos off the internet. They are there to share and show what Illustrator can do. As far as that goes you can do as you see fit with what is on this site but for non profit only. Hmmm open source art I like the sound of that…not that I consider anything on here as art.

Ok now its turning into verbal diarrhea, anyways I think I have rambled on enough and if you have actually read all this I commend you for such an effort, Take Care.